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High Touch… High Impact

Identifying entry-level talent early in the recruitment process and retaining their interest is a key component of any successful program. NC3 can help you design and execute welcome, thank you, or keep in touch campaigns that will have a material impact on your recruitment success.

The weeks leading up to an employee’s first day are very important.

  • First impressions are everything! What better way to welcome a new hire than gifting them branded items such as t-shirts, water bottles, backpacks, etc.
  • Through a fulfillment campaign, NC3’s experienced warehouse team can store, kit and ship your customized package to interns, new hires, or even existing employees.
  • Campus Management System (CMS), NC3’s proprietary software, allows your targeted recipients to place their own order through an easy-to-use online interface.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, immersion into the company’s culture will lead to higher retention rates.

  • This can be accomplished through an internal electronic campaign of monthly newsletters, principle guides, explanation of employee expectations, and news articles with examples of a company’s impact on the world.
  • NC3 can work with you to establish a time line of communication to make new hires already feel like part of the team, and a part of something special.

Keep in touch with high potential students throughout their college career.

  • Did you meet a promising undergrad at a career fair and want to keep in contact with them? Through our customized outreach campaigns, you can send prospects keep in touch communication, coupons for your products, small gifts or care packages to keep them engaged and interested in your company.
  • Can I ship Internationally?

Yes! NC3 has the ability to ship globally. NC3 ships to over 30 countries annually. 40% of the welcome gifts have been shipped internationally to countries such as India, China, Chile, Kenya, Australia, Romania and Malaysia.

  • Is there a limit on how many gifts or communications I can send?

No! NC3 has sent over 5,000 welcome gifts just in the last year. As long as we have the recipients’ full names and email addresses we can fulfill the order.

  • What types of gifts can I send?

Any item you provide to our warehouse.

We will help you find and engage the best talent. Success Stories

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