Our roots

NC3’s roots are in campus, and we can ease the cyclical and administrative burden of scheduling, event planning and other non-strategic tasks that can often overwhelm your team. With a thorough understanding of how much needs to get done in such a brief period of time, we work quickly and efficiently so you can focus on talent acquisition strategy and build relationships with schools and candidates.
In recent years we’ve started to see a shift away from traditional campus recruiting timelines. Our staff has the experience to know what methods best align with your goals, and we’re nimble enough to adapt with you as recruiting tactics change.
  • Registration and payment for recruiting events including career fairs, networking events, information sessions and on-campus interviews
  • Navigating the time-sensitive deadlines of formal on-campus recruiting, including job postings, resume collection, pre-selection, and interview sign-ups
  • Distribution of event details & logistics to your recruiting teams
  • Shipment of recruiting materials including brochures, giveaways, displays & tablecloths
  • University Relations program design, school selection and process review
  • With what colleges and universities do you work?

NC3 has active relationships with over 300 colleges and universities in the United States. There isn’t a school you’re recruiting from that we haven’t worked with over the years. We have also supported university recruitment in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

  • Is my campus recruiting program too big (or too small) for NC3?

Not at all. Our clients have included corporations that annually hire thousands of students as well as smaller firms that hire dozens. We can quickly scale up our team to grow with you as your business expands.

  • My company hasn’t yet created a formal campus recruiting program. Can you help me?

Absolutely. NC3 has extensive experience in building a strategy that best fits your hiring goals and organizational structure. We can identify the key components of University Relations and help you avoid the common pitfalls. Whether you’re building a program from scratch or need to overhaul what you’re currently doing, NC3 will get you on the right track.


We will help you find and engage the best talent. Success Stories

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