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In the world of recruiting and talent acquisition, organizations often find themselves attending multiple events around the globe in search for the best talent. These can range from small, intimate presentations to large job fairs with thousands of attendees. At NC3, we know that these events often like to cluster together to add a little stress and excitement to our lives. Fortunately, NC3 has been managing the shipping and logistics for event-based material orders for nearly twenty years. With real-time forecasting and inventory management, we can anticipate and address any potential issues before they arise and ensure your material orders are accurate and arrive to their events on time.

We are unique and plan to stay that way: customized, professional and highly attentive shipping and storage solutions for all industries.

  • NC3 has unparalleled experience fulfilling orders to time-sensitive events. Don’t let other vendors tell you it’s not any different – it is different and we know it!
  • Our processes and systems have been built specifically to support event-based shipments, where materials need to be returned and often used again. Other vendors would not know where to start.
  • We provide pick and pack services that allow our partners to place customized orders that are not confined by quantity increments or minimum volumes.
  • NC3 is a preferred partner of FedEx and our online shipping and inventory management system is directly linked to FedEx so that orders are processed accurately, tracked in real time and delivered to the correct address on time.

Inventory management is critical when schedules are tight and materials need to be returned from events, inspected, re-stocked and then sent out again. Our proprietary system is tailor-made to support your needs and drive efficiencies across our processes and people.

  • NC3 can run usage and display allocation reports so that trouble spots are identified, and you’ll always have an adequate stock of materials for future events.
  • Our system will alert us to delayed or late-returning items, so we can be proactive and track them down before it causes any issues.
  • Access to our system will provide you information on past shipments, future shipments, inventory levels and the ability to create or modify existing shipments.
  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we have shipped to over 50 countries and every continent except Antarctica.

  • Do you charge intake fees for new or returned materials?

No, we keep things simple so there are no surprises and you can accurately forecast your spend with us.

  • Does NC3 have an online system for ordering, checking inventory and existing orders?

Yes, we have a proprietary system that you can access 24/7 to facilitate all of your material ordering tasks.

  • Are there NC3 team members that we can leverage to support our shipments?

Yes, NC3 has different levels of service depending on your requirements. Need a dedicated point of contact? We can provide that too.

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