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A Stress Free Experience

Recruiting top talent is competitive, and we understand it goes well beyond online sourcing and career fairs. From large corporate events to intimate off-campus gatherings, we understand what it takes to execute flawless relationship events and information sessions. Let NC3 handle all of the details both big and small for your specialized recruiting events, so you can focus on the talent. With nearly twenty years of experience we have developed long standing relationships with vendors and we know the best catering venues on campuses across the nation.

Event planning services include:

  • Secure event location and work with conference or university contacts to ensure proper event set-up
  • Arrange all catering, audio/visual equipment, and any other necessary items
  • Administer and distribute all logistical details of special events to your team
  • What types of events does NC3 arrange?

Our expertise goes well beyond traditional presentations and on-campus venues.  We have also set up formal “sell dinners” at upscale restaurants as well as single-employer recruiting events in major US cities.

  • We already work with professors and student organizations; how can you help?

NC3 can put the finishing touches on events set up through your existing relationships.  If you’re sponsoring a monthly meeting or presenting to a class, we will connect with the host and take care of any catering, payment or shipping details.

  • How is payment handled for special events?

NC3 can provide a credit card to the appropriate vendors and submit an invoice to our clients for reimbursement.

We will help you find and engage the best talent. Success Stories

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