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Similar to our unparalleled support for on-campus recruiting events, NC3 has valuable experience with the recruitment of veteran & experienced candidates. We can apply our in-depth knowledge of recruiting process, calendar & expense management and event coordination to your hiring goals of experienced professionals. Our robust reporting capability gives you a real-time look at your recruiting schedule and helps you measure ROI year to year.

Recruitment of
Experienced Professionals

  • The demand to fill experienced requisitions often comes without a lot of lead time. NC3 can effectively manage tight turnarounds and provide complete and accurate logistical information for your teams.
  • Our shipping & inventory services are flexible to allow you to send the right materials to the right candidates. You’ll be able to maintain a consistent brand while delivering the appropriate message to each event’s target audience.
  • As your budgets shrink, NC3 can incorporate the use of virtual events into your recruiting strategy. Whether it’s an online career chat or simple job postings, we can manage all of the moving parts.

Recruitment of
Veterans & Military Personnel

  • Our staff is very familiar with the array of vendors hosting military events, and NC3 has developed long standing relationships with these groups. We can help you take advantage of volume discounts when registering for multiple events at once.
  • Some events require exhibitors to obtain security clearance prior to entering a military base. NC3 can apply for base access on behalf of your recruiters if they do not already have security clearance.
  • Many veterans are seeking employment outside of the military for the first time and may not understand the typical corporate application process. We can deliver application instructions or other messaging to ensure your top candidates don’t fall through the cracks.
  • What is an experienced recruiting event?

Experienced recruiting events are job fairs not tied to a specific college or university. They are often hosted by a third-party recruiting agency and sometimes focus on a specific industry. In addition to the assigned space where your recruiters can interact with job seekers, often these events also feature online job boards, interview tables or other advertising opportunities.

  • When does the military recruiting “season” start?

Many event calendars for military recruiting are published with a full year’s schedule of national events. With early access to these calendars, NC3 will work with your team to identify the events that make sense for you.

  • How does NC3 get my recruitment materials to these events?

NC3 is very familiar with the specific instructions of sending materials to veterans recruiting fairs, especially when they’re held on military bases. In the event that materials can’t be shipped directly to the venue, we’ll work with the event organizers and your team to identify another address so your representatives will have what they need.

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