An extension of your team

Looking to fill your internship class with college sophomores and juniors? Seeking out talented men and women transitioning from the military into the workforce? You’re not alone, though doing it without the services of NC3 might make you feel alone. Whether you’re just starting out and considering these events or if you have an established calendar and just need some support, NC3 can help.

Why partner?

  • Value – so you can focus on strategy and relationships
  • Cost – compare favorably to fixed internal expenses
  • Flexibility – model allows for activity adjustments without impacting internal resources
  • Continuity – eliminates potential of program/process dislocation because of turnover

Why NC3?

  • Stability – Nearly 20 years building client and campus relations with strong reputation
  • Support – Project managers are subject matter experts, with experience serving all industries
  • Results – Year over year partner retention rate over 97%
  • Scale – 85% of clients have campus programs in excess of 25 or more colleges/universities


We will help you find and engage the best talent. Success Stories

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